About us


We’re really glad to inform you that our company has recruited experts and prepared huge facilities and it also has reliable and organized representatives in all over the world.

Aysun Bar Co. is ready for arranging any kinds of shipment of your respectful organization / company by : Air, Truck as a groupage or full, vessel ( container, LCL & break-bulk ) and all legal multi modal transportation from all over the world to Islamic republic of Iran, and shipping all kinds of goods as exports from Iran to different destinations in the world.

Aysun Bar Co. is one of the companies nominated by the Iranian ministry of road & transport and also a member of:  International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association. (FIATA)  ITCA OF IRAN (International Transport companies Association of Iran.  Chamber of commerce and Mines & Industries of Iran Hope you gratify us to contribute in your future jobs/tenders. Enabling us to provide you our abilities for different kinds of our aforesaid services, especially transportation and be useful for your organization.

Thanks for your cooperation in advance.